Monday, August 13, 2012

Plants of the Month Club!

We are very excited to announce Johnnye Merles 

"Plants of the Month Club" 

starting this September!

What is it?

Plain and simple: 10 plants delivered - that’s right, DELIVERED - to you each month!

We take the stress out of thinking, choosing, driving and planning! We’ll bring you a mix of unique and unusual plants each month that are picked for your garden, keeping your landscape looking fresh and lively!

Best of all? It’s only $75 a month!

The smart way to keep a garden looking fresh and full is to maintain it consistently, each month. By adding a few plants here and there, swapping out annuals as they die back, and so forth, you will save money by avoiding ‘big re-plantings’, and keep your garden looking fresh and interesting.

We’ll learn the specifics of your garden - your style, light (full sun or shade), water requirements, etc - and bring you a fun mix of plants each month to fill in those spots in your garden that need a little extra love. You can always email us with special requests that we will try to fill as well. 

Johnnye Merles is a unique nursery located in Old Town Orange, CA. We specialize in plants that are unique, unusual, drought tolerant and eco-friendly. We have been designing gardens in LA and Orange county for close to 15 years now! The “Plants of the Month Club” gives you the expertise of award winning design and plant knowledge at an affordable rate AND keeps your garden looking consistently good. We even have an option that takes ALL the work out of your garden for you too!


10 plants hand picked and delivered to your door, only $75 a month!*
10 plants hand picked, delivered and PLANTED for you, only $95 a month!*

 *For addresses within an approximate 25 mile range of Orange, CA. For locations 25-40 miles from Orange, please add $10. This program is for our customers local to Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties.

More info:

Your monthly payment will be charged to a credit card number you provide, or you have the option of mailing in a check each month.

You can cancel your “Plants of the Month” membership at any point with 30 days notice.

Deliveries are typically made on the last two Friday’s of the month. A specific day (3rd or 4th Friday of the month, for example) will be planned out with you to best meet your needs.

How to sign up?

Email us for a membership form!

Sign up soon - deliveries are starting in September!

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Sue said...

I think this is a great idea. I'll post it on my blog as well.