Monday, October 29, 2007

Whole lot of new!

We brought in a ton of new plants last weekend, and have been hard at work cleaning up from the summer heat and intense winds of last week!

Lots of new plants in this week!

Check out some of our favorite plants in right now:

Daliah 'Mystic Dreamer' and Coleus Giant Duckfoot

Daliah Mystic Dream and Coleaus Giant Duckfoot look very impressive together - a nice color combo for this season too!

Clerodendron ugandense

Clerodendron ugandense is one of our favorite plants right now - this photo doesn't really capture the very cool little blue and white flowers this plant gets, and we love its loose open structure as well.

Encelia farinosa

We LOVE the gray foilage of Encelia farinosa, and the daisy looking yellow flowers are also a nice aspect to this plant! It's commonly called Brittlebush, and is a perennial that is also known as a wildflower in parts of the Arizona desert. If you are looking for a drought tolerant/low water garden plant, this is a great specimen!

Salix integra 'Flamingo'

Salix Flamingo is a very cool plant we just got in as well! You can't really see in from this photo, but the foliage of this plant is amazing - its leaf is light green and white, almost varigated, and it has a pink tinted stem that runs throughout. We've yet to see one bloom, but are told that it gets impressive pink blooms on it as well. We love it for the variety it adds to our garden - try it in your landscape as a contrast plant that will bring a little light to corners that are starting to look dense.

We are going to have a new website going up really soon - keep your eyes out for it! Be sure to come and visit us while all these new goodies are in stock - we're open at 10am every day, in the gardens of Country Roads at 204 W Chapman in Old Town Orange.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

An all new look coming soon!

We're wrapping up our big end of summer sale - clearing out our summer stock to make room for some changes for fall. Watch for a slight remodel and lots of new plants in the weeks to come!