Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving - join us for our weekend sale!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

As part of Country Roads' store wide sale this weekend, out back in Johnnye Merle's you'll find a great selection of plants on sale for 20% Friday - Sunday! Give a present to yourself, spruce up your garden, or give some plants as a gift - however you look at it, you can't go wrong saving some money on our awesome plant selection...

Some new finds that JUST came in:

Zaluxianskya 'Midnight Candy' - we LOVE this plant, such cool color and a great little flower!

Tigrida pavonia 'White' - we've never had this one in before, really unique and great bloom!

Papaver 'Thelma Crawford'  - this is also a new variety for us! Look at the ruffles on that, we have lots and lots of other poppies in right now - it's time to start planting them!

Walenbergia 'Snowcap' - we have a total soft spot for start shaped flowers, like the one on this plant!

Nylandia scoparia - we think this plant deserves some serious 'OMG's! LOOK at that bloom! Beach people, this one is especially good for you! Enjoy!

Don't forget we also have a great selection of 'cottage garden favorites' right now as well: delphiniums, sweet peas, lupine and more!

Most of our plants are priced between just $3 and $6 AND don't forget, 20% Thanksgiving weekend too! 

Shop local, buy some plants, be happy, and give thanks. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


We love the color and versatile nature of succulents - really, you can't go wrong! Check out the newest additions to our garden!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Garden looking borning? Stop by Johnnye Merle's and bring home some new treasues!

Just in this week:

Sweet peas! Yes, it's time to plant, and we have a good selection of some COOL varieties, including the new "Almost Black" from Annie's Annuals. It's pretty awesome, and only $3!!!

We've also got this cool plant in  - spooky for your post Halloween garden, and great texture! Cobweb Thistle is a great unusual addition to any garden, adding some spikes and great color!
Lots of salvias and other herbs; including Salvia Apiana, a California must have and scared plant for many Native American tribes.

We are very excited about this super cool, new addition - Elsholtzia sautonii 'Mint Shrub'. We LOVE the pink flower on this!  It's a pretty rare shrub, growing to about four feet or so, from northern China! Only $5 each!

Salvia argentea is another favorite - look at that foliage, those big, soft, gray leaves are amazing! And the bloom this salvia gets is impressive too! We have them in four inch containers for just $4!

Other awesome plants? FALL POPPIES! All sorts of cool ones, including some of our favorites, like "ladybird" poppy and Papaver "Black Swan" and "Naughty Nineties". Now is THE perfect time to plant poppies, ensuring you have some great late winter/early spring color.

All of our poppies - and most of our plants in general!  - are just $3 or $4 each!

We hope to see you this weekend! Keep your eye on next week too - we'll have a big order of cool succulents and sedums coming in!