Monday, January 09, 2006

First Annual Johnnye Merle's Spring Cleanin' Sale!

Cone Flower
Originally uploaded by Brande Jackson.

We are cleaning house this month at Johnnye Merles and have a great way you can get YOUR garden ready for spring as well!

We have great plants from last season available at a great price as we prepare OUR gardens for spring!

Discounted plants are in great condition - some just need a good pruning and some TLC - and we need some space for our new stuff!

Originally uploaded by Brande Jackson.

**Sale lasts through January 22nd only,
so be sure to stop in and get some great bargains!**

Some sample prices:
4” containers: normally $3.00 - now $1.50 each!
six pack containers: normally $3.50 - now $2.00 each!
gallons & all other sizes: up to 80% off!

Plus, we still have our "Red Tape Plant Pound' section up, where you can find even cheaper plants that need a little love!

Keep in mind, we're cleaning house because we have SO MUCH STUFF to bring in this spring, so keep checkin' back with us!