Saturday, September 04, 2010

New plants to help you garden this Labor Day weekend!

A quick post before I head out to spend the day at Country Roads working the International Street Fair!

We got some AWESOME new plants in yesterday, with two of our favorite growers, Native Sons and Annie’s Annuals, paying us a visit. A more detailed blog will follow tonight, but some quick picks below - come in and check us out, garden is looking fresh and full right now and we’d love to see you!


New stuff!
Lots of new plants!

Sedums, crassula and succulents
New sedums, succulents and crassula! Great colors and drought tolerant!

Echinacea "Little Magnus" and Verbena
Echinacea and verbena - two of our favorites!

Pholmis aurea
Phlomis - SUCH great color on this one!

Fall displays - black viola!
Black violas are back! Just in time for Halloween!

Lots of new Euphorbias in!
Lots of new, colorful euphorbias and other drought tolerant plants are in!