Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring blooms and new stuff!

Spring is underway here at Johnnye Merles!

Check out some of what we’ve got going in our gardens right now...

Cerinthe major purpurascens "Blue Honeywort" blooming in our garden right now! We've also got another cool variety of Cerinthe in at the moment called Cerinthe retorta.

Orlaya grandiflora "Minoan Lace" - popping up all over right now!

Senecio glastifolius - awesome pink blooms on this one!

Alonsoa Apricot - we have them in a lovely red too!

Zaluzianskya capensis "Midnight Candy" - really unusual, love the color on this one!

Spring poppies - so lovely!

Cistus in bloom!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter sale!

Happy Sunday!

What a great day: our roses are bloomin' and Country Roads is hosting its annual Easter Day sale, which means you can come in and get some great prices on some great plants outside in Johnnye Merles Gardens!

Come by and see us!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Just in!

We just got a fresh batch of new Annie's Annuals into the gardens today - check out some of photos!

Some of what we got in:

Alonsoa's in a few colors

Layia 'Tidy Tips'


A very unusual yellow Cosmo variety

Angelica gigas - SO cool!

Michauxia campanuloides

Orlaya grandiflora 'Minoan Lace; - blooming in our beds right now and it looks awesome!

Verbena bonariensis lots lots more! Spring is ON in our gardens!

Do a little Googling and you'll see why we are excited about this week's batch! :)

We still have our 'back in black' section going too - check out our black Hollyhocks, Nemophila, and Bachelor Buttons.

Plus, we just got more of the very cool Zaluzianskya 'Midnight Candy' in too - you gotta get one!

PS: If you are so inclined, check out my Pinterest page for all sorts of garden and other design ideas and lovely garden photos!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Random garden photo for this week...

Papaver hybridum "Sugar Plum". We get these from our hardcore garden nerd friends at Annie's Annuals!

This lovely guy started blooming this week - I was waiting for it for the past few days! Even more remarkable? This was a 'miracle recovery story' - this plant was all but dead because it had been knocked off the table in one of our epic wind storms and wasn't getting watered. I plunked it into the flower bed though, hoping for the best, and wow, what a recovery! Goes to show that those 'sale plants' of ours can put on quite a show!

We don't have any Sugar Plum's in right this second, but we DO have lots of other cool Papavers for you to check out!