Friday, November 03, 2006

Fall is here!

Candy Corn vine
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If you haven't stopped in to see us in a while, you are really missing out - we've got lots of great fall color in, from classics to the new and unusual!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Annie's Annuals are in!

Annie's Annuals
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We are excited to now feature Annie's Annuals in our gardens! We made a trek up to the bay area last week and came back with lots and lots of Annie's favorite plants - in fact, we have nearly 50 different flats of great annuals and perennials for you to check out! They are GREAT plants - we are way excited about things like black Nasturtiums, all sorts of funky Poppy's and Love in a Puff vines. Come check them out soon - we sold out of ALL of our Annie's at the garden show two weeks ago and don't think these will last very long either!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Lot's and lot's of new plants in!

We're very excited about our little nursery right now: we have a TON of new plants in for you to check out, our gardens look better than ever and we have an all new line of organic fertilizers in stock as well!

Check out some of our new favorites we've posted below, and be sure to stop by and see us, we have even more great plants in our nursery right now!

Rehmannia Elata is one of our favorite new plants - it's common name is 'Chinese Foxglove'. It grows in full sun and would make a great mothers day gift!

Tiarella 'Jeppers Creepers'

You've got to see this plant in person to really appreicate the unique coloring it has in it's foilage. A GREAT addition to your hade garden - dainty little flowers spike up all spring and summer, and it'll spread out nicely with your ferns, hostas and other shade favorites!

Banskia Speciosa

Banskia Speciosa
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This plant also goes into the 'super cool' file! We sold out of them at the recent Spring Garden show at South Coast, but have them back in. A native to Australia, it's a dense, rounded medium size tree or large shrub which grows to 12-20 feet tall. Unique cone-like flower is popular with florists because of its creamy-yellow color, which blooms in summer and fall. The olive-green leaves are deeply lobed with serration and they have a whitish underside. Plant in full sun and enjoy! We have it in five gallon sized containers at the nursery right now!

Clematis Armandii

Clematis Armandii
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We absolutely LOVE the foilage of this Clematis. This evergreen vine has pendulous, glossy compound leaflets. Many fragrant white flowers are held on each cluster in the spring. Plant in sun or light shade with moderate water. We have them in both one and five gallon sizes right now!

Ligularia Dentata

Ligularia Dentata
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We've got two varieties of Ligularia in right now. This plant is way cool - awesome red green foilage with these insane yellow flowers that come late summer. Takes shade to part sun and looks great in both a cottage garden and tropical garden setting. One of our very favorite new plants!

Fabiana Violacea

Fabiana Violacea
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Fabiana Violacea is another new favorite we're in love with - awesome little violet colored tubular flowers and really unique foilage. YOU NEED THIS!

Geum 'Mango'

Geum 'Mango'
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We love this new addition to our garden! It takes full sun, gets to about 6" to 12" tall and about 8" and 12" wide. Comes in lots of different colors - "Mango" is colored much like it's described. We love how it looks in our gardens!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Our four days at the South Coast Garden Show went great - thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello and check our what we lugged inside. And lug stuff inside we did - thanks to Arron, Darcy and my mom for helping out over four very long days! But it was worth it - we met all sorts of fellow plant geeks over the weekend, and we hope you all come by and visit us in Orange. We're still cleanin' up from the weekend, but we'll have lots of new stuff in by this weekend!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Lots of new stuff!

The rain should be out of here by this afternoon - what better time to garden than this weekend? The soil is soft, spring is almost here and we have LOTS of great new plants in! We just got a bunch of tropical selections, about a dozen varieties of succulents, some very cool new lavenders and we've been fixin' our beds up to give you new ideas for your own yard! Come on in and see us!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

You need this plant!

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We love this thing! Commonly referred to as 'Blue Chalk Sticks', Senecio is a great addition to any garden! It goes well in a tropical or cottage setting - providing great contrast to your other plants with both its unique gray-blue color and it's slender 'spikey looking' foilage. Takes full sun and little to moderate water, we have 'em in 4" and gallon sizes to meeting your gardening needs! Stop by and see us to check out how we've mixed it into several of our landscape designs!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Johnnye Merle's goes back to the 3rd grade!

We are very excited to begin launching our 'Gardens in Schools' programs! At Johnnye Merles, we believe in the importance of teaching about gardening and the environment to students of all ages - we couldn't be happier to be providing some very awesome 8 year olds with plants and other tools they need to start gardening at a young age!

We are also excited to expand our program to other sites, especially to schools in our own backyard here in Orange. If you would like more info on this program, feel free to contact us, and watch for updates from our young gardeners in the weeks to come!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grandma says "plant some damn Delphinium!"

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Delphinium are one of Grandma Johnnye's most favorite of favorite plants. It's a great time of year to plant this cottage garden classic - it's tall spikes of flowers come in dark and light blue, white and even pink - and we have each color in stock right now!

4" containers are only $2.50 and color packs are $3.50.

Black Pansies are here!

black pansies
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Last year we kept selling out of 'em! Black pansies are in - long lasting bloomers, these pansies are a great and unusual addition to any garden! In color pack sizes for $3.00! Come in and get 'em while we got 'em!

Monday, January 09, 2006

First Annual Johnnye Merle's Spring Cleanin' Sale!

Cone Flower
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We are cleaning house this month at Johnnye Merles and have a great way you can get YOUR garden ready for spring as well!

We have great plants from last season available at a great price as we prepare OUR gardens for spring!

Discounted plants are in great condition - some just need a good pruning and some TLC - and we need some space for our new stuff!

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**Sale lasts through January 22nd only,
so be sure to stop in and get some great bargains!**

Some sample prices:
4” containers: normally $3.00 - now $1.50 each!
six pack containers: normally $3.50 - now $2.00 each!
gallons & all other sizes: up to 80% off!

Plus, we still have our "Red Tape Plant Pound' section up, where you can find even cheaper plants that need a little love!

Keep in mind, we're cleaning house because we have SO MUCH STUFF to bring in this spring, so keep checkin' back with us!