Friday, January 12, 2007

Did you say SALE?

Annie's Annuals
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Yep, we said SALE!

As in, our annual January sale, where we clean house to make room for all the nifty stuff we've got coming in this spring!

25% off of ALL plants ALL this month - only keep in mind that stuff goes fast! And we aren't talking weed-infested-half-dead plants here - no sir, we mean our finest and best, from the last season, in need of nothing more than a little pruning and a new place to call home.

Be sure to stop in to get some great deals and get your garden looking its finest!

Don't forget, Johnnye Merle's will also design your garden - call us at 714-744-4981 or send an email to johnnyemerle (at) for more information!

Happy planting!

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