Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some fun 'upcyling' ideas for your garden!

Check out some great recycling, or really, 'upcycling' ideas for your garden, courtesy of the wild world of Pinterest!

All are very easy to do, and cheap - materials could be easily found at your local antique shop or flea market. Fun stuff! Have at it, gardeners!

LOVE this idea for succulents on the wall - great for a porch!

Source: via Brande on Pinterest

Seal the chairs with a good wood deck type of sealant and you'll be good to go for some time. Keep your eye out for curb side chairs and other furniture for projects like this!

What a cool idea! Succulents don't need that much drainage if you don't over water - and with a container this small, you could easily just 'tip out' excess water. Depending on the ladle type, you could also probably drill or even nail some holes in the bottom, then line with a thin layer of gravel. Super cute - I love this!

What a great solution to the constant 'garden hose' issue! And good use of materials lots of people have!

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Sue said...

Great post! And the pictures too are wonderful. I'm going to link the blog post to my CR page in the morning!