Monday, January 14, 2013

Cold nights!

Happy Monday, gardeners!

With the cold nights we've been having here in Southern California - complete with both frost and freeze advisories - I though this article on protecting plants from nighttime cold would be useful!

And have faith! While some of your plants might not be looking too great right now, because this cold snap is a fluke and not the norm for us, there is a good chance many of your plants will recover. As the article states, some of your annuals should disperse seeds once the weather warms up - so give them a chance! For plants that just have damaged tips and the like, we are waiting for it to warm up a bit, and will then give some of ours a gentle pruning to see if we can inspire some new life. And don't forget, some of those cottage garden classics you so love are actually intended for cold weather, so you should see some new growth in the early days of spring. Same goes for your cold weather bulbs.

Stay warm and have fun! We have some new plants coming in later this week, so more updates soon!

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