Saturday, May 09, 2015

New plants!

You are following us on Facebook, right? We post our regular updates there, though we are still keeping this blog up and going, too!

New plants are coming in every Friday this time of year! Yesterday brought some fun goodie's from Annie's Annuals - check out a few photos below!

Sunday, April 05, 2015


We finally have asclepias back in stock! Milkweeds, the common name for these plants, are popular as they attract butterflies and caterpillars (don't worry, the plant has mechanisms to grow back quickly as the caterpillars munch!) and are a great way to bring some nature into your own garden! As you can see in this photo, butterflies were already stopping in to say hello...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Plant Saturday for February 21st

Happy weekend, garden geeks!

This week we received a big order of all sorts of new goodies from Annie's Annuals & Perennials! Check out a few of our favorites below!
(all photos courtesy of Annie's Annuals!)


We are a HUGE fan of this family of plants! Easy to grow, funky & fun, they bring a delightful dynamic to ANY style of garden! We have several varieties in stock right now:

 Aeonium cilatum
 Aeonium heirrense - huge, and really cool 'trunk'!
 Aeonium simsii - small and super cute!
Aeonium urbicum - huge flower head!
Aeonium "Sunburst" - one of our favorites, great color!

We have LOTS of delphiniums in stock right now, about 8 different varieties, in fact! Two new ones just arrived from Annie's: Double Innocence, grown for it's striking bright white blooms, and "True Wild Form", a hard to find specimen that is super hardy and almost electric blue in color!


Towering giants of any garden, Hollyhocks are quite easy to grown, and fairly drought tolerant once established. They are a bit prone to a rust that affects just their family of plants. While it's not all that pretty, it's not really going to damage the plant, is easy to address, and really, a few dots on a leave are worth it when you see the blooms these plants produce! We have the varieties below in stock right now; all take full sun, average to low water (once established) and will grow between 4-8 feet tall!

 Hollyhock "Halo Apricot"
 Hollyhock "Halo Blossom"
 Hollyhock "Black Knight"
 Hollyhock "Halo Cerise"
Hollyhock "Halo Lavender"

Papaver Poppies

Another late winter/early spring favorite: poppies! These are not your run of the mill poppies, though. These unusual specimens - many of them 'heirloom plants' that have been around for centuries!  are grown for their show stopping, fun blooms! Check out a few of the ones we have in stock right now:
 "Crimson Feathers"
 "Lavender Fringed"
 "Lavender Semi-Double"
 "Orange Chiffon"
 "Queen's Poppy"
 "Sugar Plum"

This is, of course, just the tip of our 'new plant iceberg'! Other new plants from Annie's include Petunia axillaris, the popular California Ranunculus, all sorts of Salvias, and some really cute violas! Plus, we have a great selection available from some of our native growers, lots of succulents, and more!

The nursery is looking really nice and full right now, a great time to stop in and visit us, and perhaps take home some of your very own botanical goodies!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

President's Day Weekend SALE & New Plants

The air is full of pollen and love at Johnnye Merle's today!

As part of Country Roads Antiques & Gardens President's Day Weekend celebration, all of our plants will be 20% off! "OMG, for reals???" For reals, indeed.

All those cool new Annie's Annuals & Perennials, the great new stuff from Native Sons Wholesale Nursery, all the fun new seasonal color, all of the AWESOME herbs and veggies: on sale! We don't have many sales, only a few a year, so be sure to stop in and take advantage of these great garden discounts!

New plants for this week: fairy garden low growers, including Leptinella Platt's Black, Irish moss, baby tears and ivy. A BIG selection of Delphiniums, all sorts of cool blues and even a dark blue 'almost black'. Juncus spiralis, the 'corkscrew grass' that everyone is obsessed with (which we have in super cute, small 2" sized pots for a very low price!), some great 'Valentine color', Jasmine wreaths (and a few Jasmine hearts, but get them while you can, as they will be moving fast today!), Nemesia "Shooting Stars" (check out the photo below!), Clarkia (in six packs!), Heliophila "Angel Eyes" (also in demand and will probably go fast!), and lots of other cottage garden goodies!

With the sale prices in effect for only three days, stop in sooner than later and take advantage of the great prices on some very cool plants!