Friday, January 18, 2013

Sneak Peak...

Check just a few of plants we have coming in today!

Camissonia cheiranthifolia "Beach Primrose"

A beautiful, whimsical, coastal native. Looks great in borders - my garden design clients by the beach LOVE this one, but it also fares well further inland.

Cheirolophus burchardii

I loooooove 'pincushion' style plants! And this one is awesome. I don't think we've ever had it in our shop before. The blooms and colors are super fun, and the plant is quite hardy as well.

Limnanthes douglasii “Meadow Foam”

Beautiful bloom, and fragrant too! So cute!

Silene sp. ‘Starfish’

I think this plant is just about the coolest thing ever! Look at that color? As the description states, it looks like it belongs in a tide pool, not a garden! Easy to grow too!

So those are just a handful of the many plants we have arriving later on today. Most of our 4" plants are priced between $3 and $5.

We hope to see you soon - some great additions to your garden are waiting for you!


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