Saturday, January 19, 2013

More of our awesome new plants for this week!

A few more of the goodies that arrived just yesterday:

Pelargonium ‘Veronica Contreras’

This isn't your generic geranium! Check out the blooms on this plant. Best part? You'd have to really try hard to kill this thing - it's toooouuugh! We love it!

We have 'Verionica Contreras' in 4" containers for just $6 right now!

Digitalis purpurea ‘Pam’s Choice’

So, you can't have a cottage garden without at least trying to grow foxgloves. It's a rule somewhere in the garden universe. We LOVE this foxglove - look at that flower!?!? Amazing! Long blooming, too!

Get this foxglove in 4" for just $4.50!

Cotula leptinella ‘Platt’s Black’ “Dollhouse Fern”

This might be the coolest ground cover ever. How awesome is that color?!? Great plant to tuck into the edges of your garden beds, tough spots you want to cover, or even a pot. It gets pretty 'rooty' so give it room to spread, it also divides easily, so one plant will give you lots of mini plants that will grow and spread! Native to New Zealand, and everything from New Zealand is awesome, so you should totally have this in your garden! All of this for just $5! Can't beat it!

Echeveria amoena   

The picture below really doesn't do this echeveria justice. We love love love echeverias, and when we unpacked this one yesterday, were were immediately in love. Yes, you can fall in love with a plant at first site. It's so cute and little and colorful! It needs to go home with you! Echeverias are great, 'diverse' plants - they work in so many garden types, and are hardy, drought tolerant, and beautiful! These are in 4" containers and like most of our succulents are priced between $4 and $6.

Happy gardening! 

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