Saturday, January 05, 2013

Just in!

A sneak peak at some of our newest plants that just arrived yesterday!

Helleborus x sternii boughton beauty  - about as 'English garden classic' as you can get, and such a GREAT Plan for winter! Look at that bloom!!!!

Calendula "Bronzed Beauty" - GREAT color! Love it! I want a million of these cut flowers on my kitchen table!

Heliophila longifolia - want a fun, whimsical, cottage garden look? You can't go wrong with this, and you can NEVER go wrong with blues in your garden!

Nigella hispanica "African Bride" - I never ever get sick of this plant. Seriously. I LOVE the color and structure of the bloom. I have one planted on my porch so I see if every time and I come home or leave!

We of course have many many more plans than just these in our garden right now! But, it's a lovely winter day, and I'd rather be outside, so more pictures later.

Enjoy your weekend, gardeners!

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