Thursday, February 28, 2013

New plants: a sneak peak!

Aeonium lancerottense

We love love love aeonium, and this one is amaaaazing. Amazing times a thousand. Get it!

Beschorneria albiflora

Got some space? Wanna impress your neighbors forever ever? Then get this plant!

Calandrinia spectabilis

This is a perennial favorite of ours - an amazing plant! Easy to grow, fabulous blooms, AND easy to propagate...


We have four different types of clarkia coming in tomorrow - a great, prolific, easy to grow bloomer!

Helenium puberulum

Look at this plant!!!! So cool!  Lollipops in your garden!

Lampranthus sp.  ‘Pink Kaboom’

Do you SEE that pink? Oh, and give it your harshest soil, and virtually no water, and it'll just keep on blooming. Have fun!

Monardella villosa  “Coyote Mint ”

This California native is new to us, but we are already in love with its bloom...lovely!

PLUS...poppies, sweet peas and much much more! Plants should be out and ready to go by noon on Friday - come see us this weekend!

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