Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Helleborus x. sternii ‘Boughton Beauty Seedling’

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Helleborus x. sternii ‘Boughton Beauty Seedling’

We are totally in love with this plant right now  - some buds are appearing on the 4" containers we have in our gardens right now, and they are amaaaazing!

The helleborus genus is actually in the Ranaculus family, a large collection that includes many well known plants. Helleborus have long been favorites among the English Garden crowd, but have gained broader popularity in recent years. They have a long history of cultivation, primarily in Europe, and were often grown for medicinal purposes; they have been found growing in runs of old monasteries and the like. 


They tend to be a late winter/early spring plant for us in Southern California - perhaps adding to their allure, as nothing beats some lovely blooms at a time when the garden is looking a bit lacking. 

Helleborus 'Boughton Beauty Seedling' is grown by Annie's Annuals, and is known for having green(!) flowers with an amazing dark pink flush. The foliage is equally impressive; the leaves are a very dark green with an interesting 'thorned' (they aren't actually sharp!) edge pattern. They like shaded conditions -if you are coastal you'll get away with more sun than if you are inland - and we can't recommend them enough for your shade gardens! Low to moderate water needs, plus a tough and adaptable nature makes them a great plant - we can't believe they are often so overlooked! 

Source: via Brande on Pinterest

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