Saturday, February 09, 2013

New plants and the rain is gone - come see us!

We got some really really cool new plants in yesterday! We already highlighted a few of them on our blog this week, but here are a few more:

Artichoke "Carciofo Romanesco" - thorn free and delicious with a nutty flavor, this artichoke has been in cultivation since around 1400! That's an antique for you! Plus, even if you don't like to eat artichoke 1. your friends probably do and 2. they look super cool if you let them go to bloom too!

Delosperma nubigenum "Hardy Yellow Ice Plant" - look, we know iceplant doesn't sound all that exciting, and immediately evokes the 'side of the freeway' picture. Totally NOT true in this case though - we have this one growing in our gardens and LOVE it! Drought hardy and tough as nails, it makes a GREAT ground cover for your tough spots!

Delphinium "Double Innocence" - all gardens need delphinium, and all gardens should have a few white delphinium in their mix. Big, tough, easy to grow. Enough said.  Get one!

We also have lots of poppies - both papavers and California poppies in shades like red, white, apricot and rose! - linaria, sweet peas, and much much more! Most of our plants are between $3 and $5 - a great deal for some great plants! Come see us soon!

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