Saturday, January 04, 2014

Happy new year gardeners! 

We hope that 2013 was filled with happiness, and that you 2014 is getting off to a wonderful start!

To celebrate the new year, we've been cleaning up and making room for some new plants! 

Check out what just arrived in today:

Australian violet - a lovely shade loving goundcover! Soooo dainty and cute!

Cineraria - another great addition to your shade garden; easy to grow, and lots of color!

Campanula glomerata "Violet" - shade seems to be theme today! We love the bell shaped flowers!

Dianthus "Black Adder" - this one is for the sun! We looooove the color of this, one of our very favs!

Pansy "Fizzle Sizzle Raspberry" - this is already selling fast, really impressive color!

There are of course, many many more plants adorning our gardens right now just waiting to go home with you! We hope you can stop by and see us soon!

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