Saturday, September 14, 2013

Clean up, sale plants, and new Annie's Annuals!

     We've been working hard out in our garden, getting cleaned up from summer and our heat wave and getting all our new goodies out for you to take home! We'll be back at it today, so come in and say hi!

     We moved a BUNCH of stuff to our very popular SALE section (plants that just need a little TLC and are a great bargain) and we have a huge new order of treasures from Annie's Annuals & Perennials that just came in.

One of our favorites is Briza media "Quaking Grass": we looove grasses, especially in the fall, and this one is so so cool! It only grows to about 12-18” tall, and gives you these awesome small, heart-shaped florets that start out bright green from April thru June then turn golden with maturity, looking, as Annie's puts it, "like little fairy lanterns or the end of rattlesnake tails." Makes a really cool cut flower, too. Awesomeness. Get one!

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