Saturday, May 18, 2013

New for this weekend!

Check out some of our new goodies from Annies Annuals and Perennials that are just waiting to go home with you!

Dichondra argentea ‘Silver Falls’

Great for containers and edges, we are in love with the shimmering silver color - great way to bring a little zing to your landscape!

Thunbergia alata ‘Spanish Eyes’

We finally have some "Black Eyed Susan's" in again!!! Woo-hoo! Every garden simply must find a spot for this amazing little vine!

Mina lobata "Exotic Love Vine" 

This fast growing vine does indeed look exotic! And it's quite easy to grow, about as easy as Morning Glory, but not nearly as invasive...a show stopper for sure!

Ruellia elegans “Elegant Ruellia”

We try to not play favorites with our plants, but truth be told, if we have a single favorite plant in our garden right now, it might be this one! The photo really doesn't do it justice - the red blooms are about the brightest thing you can find in a garden. This is a part shade plant, making it a great plant to add a little color to a drab spot...

Salvia forskaohlei

This is a new salvia to us, and we are quite in love with it! Beautiful lavender-blue blooms! And like most salvias, quite hardy and easy to grow!

And of course, this is but a small sampling of the many many awesome plants we have in stock right now! Hope to see you on this lovely weekend!

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