Thursday, April 04, 2013

Let's talk about marigolds...

Folks, lets talk about marigolds this morning. Not the boring stuff you find at your local home improvement store though, we are talking some serious marigolds. We are talking about Marigold ‘Day of the Dead Orange’. Oh yeah.

 Know what you need on this sleepy Thursday morning? You need Marigold ‘Day of the Dead Orange', also known as “Cempazuchitl”, grown by Annie's Annuals & Perennials. You need them because 1. they are AWESOME and 2. they are actually quite hard to find and 3. because we have them in stock right now, along with loooots of other fun, cool plants!

Seriously, give marigolds a chance! These are soooo fun in any garden - look at the size of those blooms! 4" containers and just $4, or maybe even just $3.50, we can't remember. But they are cheap, and they will make you happy, and we all want to be happy!

Have fun! Get planting! It's spring, you should smell like dirt by the end of the day!

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