Saturday, March 16, 2013

New! New! New!

So, yesterday, we got close to 40 different plants from Annie's Annuals and Perennials delivered to our gardens, just for you to take home! Check out a few of our new friends below, and be sure to stop by this weekend before they are all gone. There are waaaaay more plants in stock than what we just listed here, including a great selection of poppies, a few sweet peas (blue and black ones!) and lots of super cool sedums and succulents.

Anchusa "Alkanet' - it's soooooo blue. It's soooooo amazing! It's tough, it's drought tolerant, it's just plain lovely. Get one!

Aquilegia "Black Barrow" - Columbine's get totally overlooked, and it's not fair! This plant has got amazing color, grows well in bright shade conditions and has low water needs. Get it!

Clarkia 'White Form' - this white Clarkia,  which is unusual and rare and native to Sonoma County, California, is a great addition to any garden, especially your cute cottage style landscapes!

Claytonia "Candyflower" - Dainty and shade loving, this one is a must have for that troublesome shade spot!

Hemizonia corymbosa - another CA native, easy to grow and fun yellow blooms. Put it in a difficult spot and watch it spread and look lovely and naturalized!

Kale "Crane Red" - So, these are, like, giant Kale's. For reals. Grow them more for the looks than the eating, 'cause THEY LOOK SO COOL!!!!

Lampranthus "Hot Flash" - We just can't get enough of Lampranthus these days! The "Hot Flash" variety has some amazing color; hot pink with a touch of yellow! Give it well drained soil and minimal water, and this South African native will put on quite the show!

Lettuce "Yugoslavian Red" - Look, we get that lettuce may not seem all that exciting. But have you had Yugoslavian Red lettuce growing in your garden? No, no you haven't. Now you can. Do it. For reals.

Marrubium supinum - We are a little obsessed with this new plant. It's drought tolerant, it has an awesome bloom, it smells amazing! Get it!

So, again, that is just the 'tip of the iceberg' as the saying goes - we have waaaaay more plants in addition to the awesome ones listed below, but we want to get outside already, so more updates later!

All of these plants are in 4" containers and priced between $3 and $5, ready to go home with you!

Happy gardening!

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