Friday, June 15, 2012

Garden support...

This is my niece Riley. She's five, and just finished her first year of school - kindergarten! The fact that she can writer her numbers is especially beneficial to us - she LOVES to help price plants! This is her pricing an order of Annie's Annuals (some REALLY cool campanulas, agastache, vines and more!) that we got in today. 

We should note that she particularly likes to write the numbers "6" and "8" and keeps asking if she can price the plants with those numbers, but we don't let her make the plants that expensive....
we make sure Riley keeps our plants nice and affordable!

LOTS of new plants came in this week! Plus, we've got all of our sunflowers marked down to $1 and tomatoes and veggies are marked down as well.

Come see us, and see Riley's fine handwriting for yourself!

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