Saturday, November 05, 2011

Wow - looking outside here in Seal Beach, it hard to imagine a more beautiful Saturday! Wind and rain have cleared the sky and today we are left with sunshine - a perfect day for gardening!

We just stocked our nursery - working in the rain, I might add! - so that our 'garden nerds' will have a good selection to work with. Check out some of our new additions...

Sweet Peas! Yes, we know, how can it possibly already be that time? Fact is, for southern California gardeners, November is the PERFECT time to plant your sweet peas. We have a really cool selection in too:

"Annie B Gilroy" is a 1907 heirloom, fragrant and vibrant cerise color.

"Cupani" was cultivated by a Sicilian monk, Father Cupani, in 1695. It's intensely scented and a really cool deep pruple-blue, violet color.

"Senator" is fragrant and heat tolerant, a very impressive pink and rose 'splattered' color.

At just $3.50 for a 4", out Sweet Peas are not only unusual and colorful, but a great buy. Plant now and have some early surprises in your spring garden!

You can read more about Sweet Peas at Renee's Seeds great website as well.

We have much more in our gardens for you this weekend as well - stop by and see us!


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Sue said...

I LOVE sweetpeas! I will for sure have to get some to plant!!