Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Spring - new plants in for this weekend!

Happy early spring!

A little rain won't dampen our excitement about spring being near! In fact, today, Saturday, would be a GREAT day to plant; plants benefit from rain water, and nothing could be better for newly planted additions to your garden than some good rain water to welcome them home!

Winter gardens

Check out our list below for some of the very cool new plants we just got in!

Brassica oleracea - "Walking Stick Kale". Seriously, how cool does that look!

Geranium maderense "White". Giant geranium! Super cool! We have one planted in our garden that has taken OFF - we can't wait to see it bloom!

Heliphila longifolia.
You've got to see this in person to really get it - awesome blue blooms that are intense! In a good way! :)

Nigella hispanica 'African Bride'. We are LOVING the unusual bloom on this thing!

We also got a HUGE selection of poppies in - big Papaver style ones, California natives in unusual colors, the every popular 'Greek Poppy' - stop in and check 'em out! It's a great time of year to plant poppies, and even though many are technically an annual, they reseed easily, which means if you plant them once and take good care of them, you'll be rewarded year and after year when they pop to life in your yard each spring.

We also still have a big selection of sweet peas available - this will probably be our last batch, so pick them up while you can!

As always, these new plants tend to fly outta here pretty fast, so stop in before the rains and take some new treasures home with you!

PS: check out our garden beds too! Darcy and I have been working hard and getting the garden planted and ready for spring!


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