Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heirloom seeds!

If you haven't been in lately, you might have missed on of our newest products:
Baker Creek Heirloom seeds!

Baker Creek seeds

We don't know of any other retailers in Orange County that have these seeds in stock - such a cool product! We've started growing things like "Tomato Great White", "Connecticut Pumpkin", "Eggplant Rosas Bianca" "Squash Red Kuri" and "Watermelon Moon and Stars" - they are suuuuch cool plants!

Come in and check them out - they are right in the front display when you come the the store. We'll be getting some new varieties in later in the summer.

And if seeds aren't your thing, we have plenty of heirloom veggies already started and ready to go home with you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brande!!!!Have a GREAT year!!!Stacey

nestor said...

Great post! I will surely add this to my collection of seeds. I started planting heirloom seeds since my father taught me about heirloom seeds. I became so fond of them.

Heirloom Seeds

Jeff said...

I came in last May because you were the only place in Orange County that carries Baker Creek seeds. I bought Great White Tomato seeds and Tam JalapeƱo seeds.

I came in again last week and bought one packet of almost everything you have. It was hard to find the seed display, though; someone has jammed all the seed packets into a pot outside the store, and I had to lay them all out on a table to sort through them.

Do you plan to carry more of BC's 2011 line? Especially tomatoes and chili peppers?


Brande said...

Thanks Jeff - and they were grouped that way because they were marked down, clearing out for spring. We will be carrying them again this year, and will post on our blog once they are in, guessing early spring.

Thanks again!