Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What's in the garden right now...

As all my friends have been updating their Facebook pages with talks of snow and ice, I’ve been working away in the garden! Our traffic might leave a bit to be desired, but the weather in Southern California can’t be beat for gardening. I spent a good chunk of last weekend getting ready for the rainstorms this week: planting, feeding, cleaning. Now I’m letting the rain do its thing...

Once we dry up a bit, you can do the same! Here’s a quick look at some of the super cool plants we have in stock right now that are looking to go home to your garden...

Black Aloe

Black Aloe

I love the color of this plant - sort of a varigated tone, a minty green almost. And I love that most aloe’s boom in our cool winter months.

Sea Holly

Seal Holly

One of my most favorite plants of favorite plants - and this particular variety has awesome color - a total sucker punch to your garden design, looks great this time of year!

Euryops Sunshine Silver

Euryops ‘Sunshine Silver’

A cheery little daisy in bloom right now.

Scented Geraniums

Scented geraniums and vintage garden accessories

All sorts of great scented geraniums in right now - lemon, nutmeg and (my fav) even a coconut scent. I grow these in my kitchen in pots (use them for flavoring and garnishes) but they do well outdoors, requiring very little water.



Every garden needs it. You can’t go wrong!


Papaya plant

Only a few of these little 4” trees in stock - I planted one in our garden and consequently am a little bit obsessed with it now. Growing papaya is not only cool, but it LOOKS cool!

Come by and say hi - lots of great stuff in stock right now!


Dirty Girl Gardening said...

love the sea holly... beautiful.

Brande said...

Thanks - it's one of my favorites!