Friday, May 29, 2009

Kitten Update

The little kitties went to a wonderful rescue group that came out and picked them up along with two of the other kittens from the first litter. And on a really exciting note, we caught the mommy cat that has been having litters. Yes, it cost me about $80 but it was well worth every penny. She has been spayed, two shots, and two nights at the hospital. I just hope people will continue to remember the importance of being responsible pet owners. I can't even tell you how many cats and kittens we've rescued at Country Roads! But hey, if it makes a difference in finding them a good home it was well worth it.

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Claudie said...

Came by from Sue Jackson's site.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for rescuing this family. Spaying mama is also very very kind of you. I'm a cat rescuer myself, and pay for the vet bills. Our neuter/spay is over 150.00 & that's with a discount!!!
We just brought our rescued dog home from a bladder operation. He's 12 and doing fine. That was only $1,000.00 ouch!
I truly have a love/hate relationship with vet's, but that's another story.
Again thank you for your support in keeping the furry baby population down.
Love Claudie