Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bee's in the Rosebush

A couple of days ago, Brande had stopped by my house and as we were talking, I glanced out the front window and saw a bunch of "something" flying around. As we walked outside, we soon discovered the things that were flying were bees! We went back inside to "google" (I google everything) bees. Apparently, bees start flying around until they find the Queen Bee. When we walked back outside many of them were on my picket fence but soon they all landed in the rosebush and were in the processing of making a hive that a couple of days later is even more condensed than in these pictures. Honeybees are becoming extinct, and I hate to kill anything. Anytime a bee goes into my pool, I get the big net and rescue it. I had remembered reading a recent article in the newspaper about these two girls that save the honeybees. You should visit their blog at: They were kind of enough to e-mail me back and said that many times bee's will make hives where they had one before and sometimes move in a week. Actually, there was a beehive a year ago inside one of my birdhouses near the rosebush. I think it's pretty cool that these woman care enough to make sure our honeybees don't become extinct! Right after I posted this little bee story, I was going outside to get the mail, and the bees were flying again, swarming all over the place. And where did they land, just where the old hive use to be. The barn birdhouse use to be open, put I've been meaning to get rid of it so I wouldn't have anymore bees. It is amazing to me to observe nature at work and how those little bees went where they were supposed to be!

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Teresa said...

No bee shortage there.