Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We've got Annie's Annuals back in stock!

We've got a nice variety of plants from one of our very favorite vendors, Oakland based Annie's Annuals, in stock right now. At just $4.00 each, they're also pretty darn cheap!

Annie's grows some of the weirdest stuff we can find - we're pretty excited to have their amazing plants back in stock. If you've never grown or tried Annie's, give them a shot - you'll be AMAZED at what these plants will do in your garden, WE constantly are! We've got a few cool things of theirs blooming in our own flower beds at the nursery right now, including
Echium wildprettii 'Tower of Jewels', which was also have for sale right now. Also in on this shipment of note: Ammi majus 'Bishops Flower', Coreopsis gigantea, Papaver 'Sugar Plum and Ferula communis glauca. In addition to those very cool specimens, we have about a dozen or so other varieties in - stop in and check 'em out!

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