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Johnnye Merle's January Newsletter

sedum 'dragons blood'
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January 2007

This month, we are proud to start the year off with some resolutions!

We did the work for you, our loyal fellow garden geeks, and came up with a list of New Years Garden Resolutions for the year to come!

Enjoy your garden! This may seem obvious, but often times we are so busy pruning,
weeding and replanting that we forget to enjoy all that our gardens have to offer. Take some time to sit back and enjoy your garden space this year – add a comfortable seating area into your space so you can sit back, relax, and watch the flowers bloom!

RESOLUTION #2: Remember: color isn’t just limited to flowers! At Johnnye Merle’s, we are very big believers in the importance of utilizing uniquely colored foliage in one’s garden – it adds diversity and keeps your garden looking unique and interesting year round. Don’t pass up on plants that may not offer much •ower wise – they
probably have a lot to give when it comes to their foliage! And remember, flowers come and go, but foliage stays year round!

Break beyond your set garden preferences! Think you hate cactus plants? Try out some cool looking succulents this year! Not so into tropicals? Give some of our rare South American plants a try this year! The point is, one of the easiest and best ways to get out of a design ‘rut’ is to try something that you might normally have an aversion to – once you see it in the ground, mixed in with the rest of your garden, you might be shocked at what it can do! One of our biggest battles – and victories! - when working with our garden design clients is getting them to see beyond the boundaries they have set for themselves. Once we move past those assumptions and try new things, we always find that people begin to see their gardens and design taste in a whole new light!

Go native! There are so many great plants
native to California, and it’s a shame that they get overlooked! They have much to
offer – they’ll do better than any other ‘import’ you plant, they’ll usually not need as much care and water and they’ll be helping the
environment out in turn. Likewise, those
heavily pruned hedges and shrubs aren’t exactly what we would call ‘natural’ – let your garden take on it’s own natural shape, pruning with care only to keep plants manageable for the space they grow in. For more info on
pruning, check out our garden blog at, where we’ll be
featuring monthly gardening and design

Use your love of plants and gardening skills to do good! Plant a tree to improve air quality, donate to fight global warming, build a compost bin to help your household recycle, give your time and help your local school start a community garden: there are a million ways that gardeners can help out their community and world!

Watch for next months “Garden Geek” Newsletter in early February!
Don’t forget, Johnnye Merle’s is now designing gardens for our fellow garden geeks! Leave a voicemail at 714-744-4981 or email us at johnnyemerle (at) for more info. Check out our blog for weekly plant updates and garden advice:

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