Friday, May 12, 2006

Banskia Speciosa

Banskia Speciosa
Originally uploaded by Brande Jackson.
This plant also goes into the 'super cool' file! We sold out of them at the recent Spring Garden show at South Coast, but have them back in. A native to Australia, it's a dense, rounded medium size tree or large shrub which grows to 12-20 feet tall. Unique cone-like flower is popular with florists because of its creamy-yellow color, which blooms in summer and fall. The olive-green leaves are deeply lobed with serration and they have a whitish underside. Plant in full sun and enjoy! We have it in five gallon sized containers at the nursery right now!

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roybe said...

Nice to see our natives from Australia being promoted and sold, I would imagine the climate would be just about perfect for most of them in California.